Woonsocket City Council Special Meeting - Feb 06 2023


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City Council Special Meeting - Feb 06 2023




A New York City grand jury won't decide before next week at the earliest whether to indict former President Trump over money paid to an adult film actress. The grand jury is viewing evidence and hearing testimony regarding claims that Trump ordered a payment to Stormy Daniels in the weeks before the 2016 presidential election.       U.S. military forces retaliated with air strikes in eastern Syria after one American contractor was killed and another was injured by a drone strike. The Pentagon announced a suicide drone hit a Coalition base in northeast Syria. Five U.S. service members were injured.       President Biden is in Ottawa, Canada. He's there to meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Biden will also address the Canadian Parliament.       A federal appeals court has upheld a lower court decision to block the government from enforcing a requirement that federal employees be vaccinated against COVID-19. The Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled a preliminary nationwide injunction on the vaccine mandate should remain in place while the case proceeds.       Four teams are moving on to the Elite Eight of the N-C-double-A Men's Basketball Tournament. Third-seeded Kansas State beat seventh-seeded Michigan State, 98-93 in overtime Thursday and fourth-seeded UConn crushed eighth-seeded Arkansas, 88-65. Ninth-seeded Florida Atlantic upset fourth-seeded Tennessee, 62-55 and third-seeded Gonzaga stunned second-seeded UCLA, 79-76.       A Florida man who was pulled over for driving 100 miles-an-hour says he was speeding because he was trying to get his girlfriend to a job interview at Taco Bell. Jevon Jackson was pulled over for doing 100 in a 40-mile-an-hour zone.