BHDDH director reappointment up for Senate hearing


STATE HOUSE – The Senate Health and Human Services Committee meets tomorrow for a hearing on the reappointment of Richard Charest as the director of the Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals.

The meeting is scheduled Tuesday, Jan. 31, at the rise of the Senate session (sometime after 4:30 p.m.) in Room 313 on the third floor of the State House.

This meeting will be streamed live online by Capitol Television at



The Supreme Court is due to issue at least one decision this morning and it could be a big one. The ruling may be the case of former President Trump's eligibility for Colorado's presidential primary ballot. The opinion or opinion's will be posted online at 10 a.m. Eastern.        Nikki Haley takes the win in Washington, DC's GOP primary. She took 63-percent of the GOP primary vote to Trump's 33-percent. The former UN ambassador has lost every race so far to Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, including her home state of South Carolina. Haley has maintained for weeks that she will stay in the race at least through Super Tuesday.       Massachusetts Air National Guard member Jack Teixeira [[ tuh-share-uh ]] is expected to plead guilty today to charges related to the leaking of military secrets. A change of plea hearing is scheduled to take place in Boston federal court. Teixeira is accused of posting classified military information to a group of gamers on the social media site Discord.       Malaysia's Ministry of Transport says the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 may be revived with the tenth anniversary of the mysterious disappearance approaching. The company Ocean Infinity is offering another "no find, no fee" search of the southern Indian Ocean seabeds, five years after it ended its private search. The Boeing 777 plane disappeared from radar shortly after takeoff in 2014, carrying 239 people.       A team of scientists from The University of Queensland discovered the nearly ten-million-year-old species, which they named the northern green anaconda. A professor who led the team says one of the female anacondas they came across measured over 20-feet long. The discovery was made while filming National Geographic's upcoming series "Pole to Pole with Will Smith."       Award-winning ESPN journalist Chris Mortensen has died at the age of 72. Mortensen's family made the announcement that he died Sunday morning. He joined ESPN in 1991, becoming a regular contributor to NFL shows on the network, as well as on "SportsCenter." Mortensen was diagnosed with Stage 4 throat cancer in 2016, and stepped away from ESPN last year to focus on his health.