Gingerbread Express to roll into State House


STATE HOUSE – The annual “Gingerbread Express” stop at the State House is set for Thursday, Dec. 8, this year.

Sen. Hanna M. Gallo (D-Dist. 27, Cranston) and Nancy Miller, the wife of Sen. Joshua Miller (D-Dist. 28, Cranston, Providence), are hosting this year’s visit, as they have in previous years. This will be the 21st year that the Senate has participated in the program.

Gifts purchased by state legislators and legislative staff members will be wrapped and brought to the State House to be presented to the members of the Rhode Island Children’s Fund for distribution to children. The gifts will help bring joy to needy children in Rhode Island this holiday season.

Representatives from the National Education Association Rhode Island Children’s Fund will be at the State House on Thursday, Dec. 8 at noon to accept the gifts and distribute them to the children.

The drive links needy public school students with anonymous gift donors. Earlier in the season, participating school children were given tags that were cut out in the shape of gingerbread characters. In addition to their age and clothing sizes, the children wrote down on the tags the name of a special toy, game or book they hoped to receive. State House staffers and legislators selected one or more of the cutouts, purchased the appropriate items and wrapped them for the event at the State House. A typical donated gift bundle might include an outfit, underwear, socks, a fun item and a book.


The White House is revealing some of what President Biden will talk about during his State of the Union address tonight. The Biden Administration says topics will include making more progress on ending cancer, dealing with mental health issues, and tackling the ongoing opioid epidemic.       At least 150-thousand people are homeless and thousands are dead after a devastating earthquake in Turkey. That's according to the International Federation of the Red Cross. Turkey's President said the earthquake was "one of the biggest disasters ever."       A pair of Customs and Border Protection agents is testifying about their experiences on the southern border before Congress. Speaking with the House Oversight Committee, agent Gloria Chavez of the Rio Grande Valley Sector in Texas said the border is being exploited daily by cartels for human smuggling, narcotics trafficking and other illegal activities. Agent John Modlin of Tucson [[ too-sahn ]], Arizona, said cartels overwhelm agents with migrants purposely to leave other areas of the border vulnerable.       Ukraine's military says more than a thousand Russian troops have been killed over a 24-hour stretch. It set a new record for daily losses and brought the total number of casualties to more than 133-thousand -- as reported by Ukraine's armed forces. This comes as the one-year anniversary of Russian's invasion is approaching.       Over 50 million adults are expected to bet around 16-billion dollars on the Super Bowl. That number is roughly 20-percent of the U.S. population and would be a record for the amount of people betting on the big game. Super Bowl 57 between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs kicks off Sunday in Glendale, Arizona.       Roku is now letting users order food from their TV via DoorDash. Roku and DoorDash signed a partnership which makes the food deliverly service the exclusive marketplace ad partner for DoorDash restaurant and grocery stores that buy interactive shoppable ads to air on Roku. They're also offering Roku account holders six months free access to DashPass, which waives delivery fees.