Woonsocket City Council Special Meeting - Sep 27 2022


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City Council Special Meeting - Sep 27 2022






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The Biden administration says Russia is treating former Marine Paul Whelan's case differently than Brittney Griner's. Griner was released by Russia in a prisoner swap. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the only choice the U.S. had was to bring Griner home or no one at all.       Wall Street is closing with stocks higher as the S&P 500 snapped a five-day skid. At the closing bell, the Dow Jones Industrial Average grew by 183 points to 33-781. The S&P 500 rose by 29 points to 39-63. The Nasdaq went up 123 points to 11-082.       The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits is slightly climbing. The Labor Department says 230-thousand Americans filed such claims a week ago. That's four-thousand more than the previous week's revised total.        Documents are being unsealed in a separate case involving the suspect in the shooting at a Colorado Springs LGBTQ club. A judge decided to unseal the record of the suspect's arrest at a family member's home last year. The suspect was reportedly arrested after threatening to blow up the home. A Facebook video linked to the incident also shows the suspect wearing body armor and a helmet and walking around with what appears to be a rifle.       [[ watch for updates ]]       It's a Night of Remembrance in New Jersey this evening for four people shot dead three years ago today in a targeted attack on a kosher grocery store. A student, a mother of three, a kosher deli worker and a police officer were all gunned down by two shooters with antisemitic views. Tonight, the victims will be remembered in Jersey City in a candle-lighting ceremony on the steps of City Hall.        A man has quite the story to tell after he couldn't turn off his cruise control on a highway in China. He went about 320 miles on the highway before running out of gas. He was traveling at a speed of just over 60 miles per hour during the ordeal. It's unknown why the cruise control wouldn't turn off.