RIDOH Recommends Closing Ninigret Park Beach for Swimming


The Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) recommends closing the freshwater beach at Ninigret Park in Charlestown for swimming because of high bacteria levels. (This advisory does not affect the saltwater swimming areas near Ninigret Park.)


RIDOH will continue to monitor and review beach water quality regularly to ensure safe bathing throughout the summer season. The status of a beach may change as new data become available. The most up-to-date beach information is available through a recorded message on RIDOH's beaches telephone line (401-222-2751). A list of closed beaches can also be accessed at health.ri.gov.




President Biden's chief medical adviser is applauding sweeping reforms that are being proposed for the CDC. Dr. Anthony Fauci [[ FOW-chee ]] said Director Rochelle Walensky recognized problems with the COVID pandemic response and is moving to aggressively to address the issues. The NIH veteran said some of the CDC's structural problems pre-dated Dr. Walensky's tenure.       A federal judge says the affidavit used to raid former President Trump's south Florida home shouldn't be sealed. In a ruling today, the judge told the Department of Justice to file a redacted affidavit by next Thursday before the unsealing takes place. FBI agents raided Trump's residence on August 8th and says it removed eleven sets of classified documents, including some that were labeled top secret.       Dr. Anthony Fauci [[ FOW-chee ]] thinks there's no reason for polio to be making a comeback. Fauci said "If you want to put a dead stop to polio in this country, then just get everybody vaccinated who needs to be vaccinated." The NIH veteran said he's especially concerned about parents who choose not to get their children fully vaccinated against a variety of diseases.        There could be "a new Chernobyl" as the result of a conflict around a nuclear power plant in Ukraine. That's what the President of Turkey said while speaking alongside the United Nations Secretary-General and Ukrainian President Zelensky. Recep Erdogan [[ reh-JEHP ERR-doh-ahn ]] noted his country is ready to help facilitate the peace process between Russia and Ukraine as the conflict nears the six month mark.        The NFL and its players are in agreement on an 11-game suspension for Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson. That's an increase from the six games he was given by a retired judge for sexual misconduct allegations made by more than 20 women. He'll also be fined five-million-dollars.        "The Chi" is being renewed for a sixth season by Showtime. The show is executive produced by Lena Waite and Common. The series is a coming of age drama set on the South Side of Chicago.