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Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt Announces Start of Community Participation Process for Woonsocket’s Comprehensive Plan Update

WOONSOCKET: Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt announces the public kickoff of the update to the City’s comprehensive plan. The comprehensive plan is a long-term vision that will serve as the City’s official guide for land use and development over the next twenty years. "Woonsocket is unique and full of diverse people and stories, each of which contribute to the City’s character and culture. I am excited to create a plan that respects everyone’s individual experience, while striving to develop a shared path forward and achieve a common vision for the future," said the Mayor.

The plan will both identify the City’s overarching goals and guide how we accomplish them. It will be a tool that helps City leaders, staff, boards, and committees to make decisions regarding:

  • • What new development looks like and where it happens
  • How the City can protect environmentally sensitive areas and historic sites
  • How to prioritize future investments in community services and infrastructure
  • • How to better support local business development and entrepreneurship

"The comprehensive plan update is an important opportunity for all residents in Woonsocket to have a say in their City’s future," said Kevin Proft, City Planner. "With this plan, the City will capitalize on our unique characteristics and assets and assist in prioritizing projects that bring our collective vision to life."

Because the comprehensive plan is written by the community, the City is using a variety of tools to reach Woonsocket residents, business owners, and others with a stake in the City’s future to get their input and ideas. Everyone is encouraged to visit the project website: This is where people can find information about the planning process, including upcoming events and other involvement opportunities. The public can also register on the website to receive e-mail updates throughout the planning process. Everyone is also encouraged to take the kick-off survey online at or by reaching out to the City Planner at 401-767-1418 for a hard copy.

"Many of our residents grew up in Woonsocket and worry their children won’t stay for a variety of reasons. This plan gives us the chance to have meaningful conversations about our community, tackle hard issues, and develop solutions that will ensure Woonsocket remains an attractive place to put down roots," said the Mayor.


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