Office of the Mayor




Woonsocket Road Repairs to Begin in Cato Hill

and Constitution Hill Districts



WOONSOCKET, R.I.: Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt today detailed roads in the Cato Hill Historic District and the Constitution Hill District that will be repaired starting July 21 by the National Grid Gas Company under the direction of the Woonsocket Department of Public Works. Restoration work on these roads was necessitated by recent gas main upgrades made by the National Grid.

Mayor Baldelli-Hunt stated, "Since day one, my administration has recognized how important good roads are to a community and we have aggressively moved forward with repaving 70 roads across the City. In addition to roadwork directly done by our City Highway Department employees, under the guidance of Director DAgostino, we also supervise road reconstruction performed by National Grid after their gas main upgrades, making sure that their work is up to our high standards."

Public Works Director Steve DAgostino stated, "We have a good relationship with National Grid and work hand-in-hand with them in supervising their road repairs after they do their gas main work so that the roads they leave behind meet our specifications."

Roadways involved and scheduled dates for milling, and repaving are:


Milling (removing the topmost layer of road asphalt)

Wednesday 7/21

     1. East Street

     2. Hope Street

     3. Olo Street

Thursday 7/22 & Friday 7/23

    1. Cato Street

    2. Clarkin Lane

    3. Boyden Street

    4. Church Street


Thursday 7/22

    1. East Street

    2. Hope Street

    3. Olo Street

Monday 7/26 & Tuesday 7/27

    5. Cato Street

    6. Clarkin Lane

    7. Boyden Street

    8. Church Street


Please note, the above-mentioned roadways will be closed and detoured during the Grids restoration work and no on-street parking will be allowed. We apologize for any inconvenience that this roadwork may cause you and request that you plan in advance to minimize disruptions. The road reconstruction dates listed above are subject to change due to inclement weather.


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