Moody’s Affirms Woonsocket Investment Grade Bond Rating

and Stable Outlook Despite COVID-19 Uncertainties

WOONSOCKET, R.I.: Woonsocket Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt announced today that Moody’s Investor Service in its annual comment on the City of Woonsocket has maintained the City’s General Obligation Bond Rating at an Investment Grade level and has kept the City’s outlook as “Stable”. The Moody’s report indicated that they maintained the investment grade rating and stable outlook because they did not see immediate material credit risks for the City. They did acknowledge that a “rapidly evolving” COVID-19 situation can have “substantial implications” on municipal governments throughout the country during 2021.

The Mayor stated, “I am pleased that Moody’s has once again recognized our efforts in bringing fiscal stability and economic growth to Woonsocket and has kept us at an investment grade bond rating despite the many hurdles local governments continue to face from the COVID-19 pandemic.” The Mayor explained, “We kept our investment grade bond rating in this environment because we have developed strong financial and operational structures that were capable of meeting the unexpected challenges from the pandemic that are being imposed upon us on a daily basis.” The Mayor added,“Maintaining our bond rating is an acknowledgement to our having operated the City with disciplined fiscal policies and to the commitment and hard work from our municipal workers.”

Although the City has investment grade bond ratings from both Fitch Ratings and Moody’s Investor Service, Mayor Baldelli-Hunt repeated her administration’s long- standing commitment for the City not to issue any new general obligation debt. Instead, the Mayor pointed to the City having eliminated over $60 million of debt since 2013. The Mayor emphasized “Our investment-grade bond ratings are promotional tools that broadly signal that we are a stable and well-managed community. I recognize the importance of not creating new General Obligation debt because I saw how the City’s prior large bond issuances came back to haunt us with extraordinarily high debt payments and bond ratings that were at junk levels.”

The Mayor further explained, “Our higher bond ratings and tighter budgetary and operational municipal structures have helped us attract new residents and businesses to our City. As an example, since 2014 we have built 127 new homes across Woonsocket. Additionally, with the help of tax stabilization agreements and other programs we have generated significant private sector business investments that help to build our tax base and lower our property tax rates for our taxpayers.” The Mayor concluded, “We need to be able to build upon our business growth and progress in economic developmentand to be open to new opportunities that present themselves.”

The CDC is giving vaccinated grandparents the green light to hug their grandkids. That is, if all parties have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Today, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky announced fully vaccinated individuals can take part in small gatherings indoors with others who have been fully vaccinated.       Coronavirus metrics are improving in the U.S. as vaccinations have crossed the two-million people per day threshold. New cases rose one-point-five percent last week, marking the smallest increase in coronavirus cases since the pandemic began. Just over 420-thousand new infections were reported across the U.S. last week after over 471-thousand were reported the week before.       Jury selection is being delayed in Minneapolis as a third-degree murder charge is pending against former police officer Derek Chauvin [[ SHO - vin ]]. That charge is currently under review by the Minnesota Court of Appeals. However, jury selection could start tomorrow.       House Democrats are urging the Internal Revenue Service to extend the filing deadline for American taxpayers. Members of Congress are asking the IRS to extend the deadline as many Americans are set to receive unemployment once President Biden's coronavirus relief bill is signed into law. The bill would waive taxes on unemployment compensation for certain people who meet the income threshold.        The Georgia Senate is approving a bill to eliminate no-excuse absentee voting in the state. The bill would also require more voter I.D. The Brennan Center for Justice reports it comes after lawmakers in more than half of the states have introduced measures to restrict voting rights.        Around 17-point-one million people watched Oprah Winfrey's interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on CBS. That's according to preliminary Nielsen data. CBS paid Harpo Productions between seven- and nine-million dollars to air the special, but the couple was not paid to be interviewed.