The CDC Director says her main goal is to get kids back in the classroom and keep students healthy nationwide. Speaking on Fox News, Dr. Rochelle Walensky says there have been "multiple" COVID outbreaks at summer school programs that forced some to close. She says COVID spread in schools can increase the number of virus cases in the community.       The White House Deputy Press Secretary says "We need to get more people vaccinated" against the coronavirus. During a briefing Friday, Karine Jean Pierre noted COVID-19 vaccines save lives and prevent the spread of the dangerous Delta variant.        Several people are reportedly hurt after transit trains collided in Massachusetts. The Boston Fire Department tweeted at least 23 people were taken away by EMS agencies. No life-threatening injuries have been reported.       It appears Vice President Kamala Harris' poll numbers have some Democrats concerned about the future of the party in the mid-term elections. In three recent polls, Harris had a combined unfavorable rating of 46 percent, according to an aggregate average compiled by Real Clear Politics. Her rating is three points below Biden's.       While all three major indexes were down around a half percent on Wall Street, they ended up in the green for July. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 149 points to 34-945. The S&P 500 lost almost 24 points to 43-95 and the Nasdaq dropped 105 points to 14-672.        Willie Nelson is taking to the steps at the Texas Capitol this weekend to play a concert in support of voting rights. The country music legend called a GOP-backed bill "unAmerican" because of its effect on low income neighborhoods. Nelson's performance will also be his first large-crowd show since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.