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President Biden is speaking with Russia's leader this hour in a high-stakes meeting. Biden is holding a video call with Vladimir Putin to try and stop Russia from possibly invading Ukraine as more troops gather at the border. Biden has warned Putin not to take military action, but the Russian President has said he wants a deal to prevent Ukraine from ever joining NATO.       An investigation by Michigan's Attorney General into the deadly Oxford High School shooting is being rejected. Dana Nessel offered to do a third-party review of the events leading up to the shooting, but was denied by Oxford Community Schools. Nessel says she's "extremely disappointed" by the decision, adding the tragedy "demands a united effort from all of us who serve the Oxford community."       The man behind the wheel in the Wisconsin Christmas parade massacre is facing more charges. The charges stem from Darrell Brooks Junior's time in jail just weeks before he's accused of running through the parade crowd in Waukesha. Prosecutors who filed the new charges yesterday say he repeatedly called the woman, who they say he beat-up and ran over with his SUV in early November.       Former Senator David Perdue is entering the race for governor in Georgia. The Republican officially announced his candidacy yesterday, in what is sure to be an intense battle in the GOP primary with Governor Brian Kemp. Former President Trump endorsed Perdue in a statement yesterday.       Pope Francis is telling young people not to be "prisoners of the cell phone." While speaking in the Greek capital of Athens yesterday, the Pope called on them to instead share their lives with others. He said "many people today are constantly using social media, but are not themselves very social: they are caught up in themselves, prisoners of the cell phone in their hand."        An Italian man who tried to use a fake arm to avoid getting a COVID-19 vaccine says the incident has ruined his life. Guido Russo, a dentist, was required to get a so-called "green pass" to work. He didn't want the required vaccine and instead reportedly tried last week to pass off a silicone prosthetic arm as his own.